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What Was Meant To Be
(Lake Lenora Book 2)

Home is where the heart is...

There's nothing Wes Sorenson cares about more than restoring his family's lost legacy—a Northwoods cottage resort that's been handed down from one generation to the next since the late-1800s until it was stolen from them by unscrupulous business partners, dismantled, and sold in pieces. Bit by bit, over the course of years, Wes has managed to restore the family business, except for one piece: the crucial lakefront acreage necessary to the resort's success. But after years of dead ends, he's finally figured out how to secure to the last piece of the puzzle: marrying the woman who owns the land.

Rain Kateb has never really belonged anywhere. After losing the only place that ever felt like home, she spent the rest of her life as an unwanted guest in her father's household. So when a stipulation in her late father's estate proposes to send her to yet

another strange home, accepting seems the sensible choice. Marriage to a stranger might be too odd for some, but Rain already spent most of her life feeling like an intruder in somebody else's home. This would just be more of the same.


But Wes Sorenson is far from the cold, detached keeper Rain's father had been. And Rain Kateb is nothing like the spoiled heiress Wes had expected. Pretty soon, their platonic marriage-of-convenience is starting to feel like the real thing—and neither of them wants that.


Or do they?

Paint Splatter
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